Z Troopers!

After Action Report

Have you read the AAR recently? No? How dare you! What kind of soldier of the apocalypse are you?! Well...don't forget to check out the After Action Report for all news and related Z-Troopers stuffs. Read about the characters and meet the staff.

New? Lost perhaps? Well then, hello, gutten tag, ahola...whatever! Welcome to Z-Troopers.com, a zombie parody comic...

We're always under contruction but feel free to run around our active contruction site. There are a few rules, though:

  • Do not touch the chainsaws unless you are a lumberjack or need to slice up some zombies.

  • No driving the cement mixer, that's for VIP only.

  • If your friend gets bit by a zombie, do not hesitate to shoot him in the head...he'll kill us all, asshole!

  • Visit our site at least twelve times a day and tell everyone you have ever met about it.

I try to update this comic weekly, but as you can see, I can only do in twice a year it seems. Now that the major mile stones in my life are completed (college graduation, marriage, house buying, career solidifying, etc.) I'll be able to update it more often... that is, if my day-job and grad school don't consume all my free time. Currently us at Z-Troopers.com are doing all of this amazing work out of our own pockets (and lint only gets us so far). We would really appreciate any donations possible.

For the price of your daily cup of coffee you can help us prevent the Zombie Apocolypse (or at least keep this awesome web comic about said apocolypse running). Those who donate will be added to our soon-to-be-built "Zombie-Hunter Wall of Fame". We'll keep you posted on this. Thank you!