About Us, the Comic, and Weapons


After several squads disappear after being sent in to investigate an incident in the remote research facility in Raven City, a squad of Wisconsin National Guard Reservists (even more reserve than the regular National Guard) are sent in to figure it out. Armed to the teeth and lead by their bat-shit crazy Lieutenant, the squad sets off into the desert into a horde of unliving dead people! But the mysterious Dr. Shnider has different plans...

A Long Time Ago, In A Desert Far, Far Away…

Z Troopers started as I was sitting in my large study reading my many leather bound books by the light of the fire in my fireplace and I deduced that a Horror Parody would be a wise choice for a screenplay...or at least I just lie to people and tell them that.

Truth is before Z Troopers was a comic, it was a movie, and before it was a movie it was a screenplay. Back when I was a freshman in college I was a film major filled with lots of crazy ideas and opinions in my head. I've always been a film buff, and I usually pissed my friends off when I ruin movies by pointing out their shitty dialogue and clichés. I've grown up on classic comedies and watched Saturday Night Live every night since I was a kid. I absolutely hate what comes out of theatres nowadays... Epic Movie, Date Movie, Spartan Movie…. They're not clever; they're predictable. As a film major I wanted to write comedies with a brain behind it... Ha, ha... Brains... ...

So one day back in late 2006, while watching those terrible Sci-Fi Channel original movies with my best friend Zack and J, I thought about making a zombie movie. I absolutely love doing stage make up and other special effects, and a zombie movie would be the perfect movie to play with these ideas. Also, I absolutely hate how cheesy they make Zombie movies nowadays; I mean, you've got shit like "House of the Dead" which is SO HORRIBLE that it MUST be intentional... and Starship Troopers 2 which was so awful it was hilarious. So all three of us chatted about how these movies are so predictable, and how every military chick is a butch, and there's always a Doctor/Scientist who knows more than he's telling everyone, and the character who acts like a total bad ass but is so corny. Then it hit me; I want to make a Zombie B-movie parody with all my friends as actors!

They all were excited by the idea, and soon all of us came together and played with the idea. Mike (who was set to play Cpl Lansky) was to Co-produce/direct with me. I sat in my room like it was a laboratory, experimenting with different things to make blood and other make up. At one point in time we had enough camo costumes, airsoft guns (Mike bought like 40 of them!), blood, and other props to get this thing going. Armed with my Panasonic video camera and my trusty tripod, we were set to go!

But it never happened. Life is like one giant "cock block", and life got in the way. Eventually everyone graduated and went to college or the military leaving me with a crap load of fake guns, costumes, blank tape, and some really expensive make up. Since then I've pretty much abandoned my desires to make film and changed my major and life direction.

About The Author

My name is on the bottom of the page… it's pronounced Lyn-Uh, Sell-Brady. I can't even tell you how badly people butcher that name! When I started this web comic I was a Senior at California State University Fresno (Go Dogs!) where I was a Public Health major. I've since graduated, moved back to my home town, bought a house, got married, got a dog, and am now living that little American dream everyone chases. Fresno will always have a place in my heart though.

My ultimate goal is to be able to balance my love for comics with my love for my career (which, for obvious reasons, I keep seperate from this site... it has to do with aviation and it's pretty flipping awesome). My philosophy is that laughter is the best medicine, and I try hard to practice what I preach.

I also am working on a children's book series and a science fiction comic, both of which are taking a back seat to work on Z-Troopers. One day soon though... it'll happen. :)

I use both Mac and PC computers, a Wacom tablet, Photoshop, pen, and pencils. I've used brushes from different places in which I'll eventually list their creators in the Links section. This website was made and moderated by Gary Jones; he is awesome!


I want to make it a point that people understand that Z-Troopers.com and all it's characters and events are fictional. Z-troopers.com is in NO WAY paid for by United States Army. This is not a recruitment tool nor is it against towards those who serve under our flag. If you're looking for politics or anti-war meanings this is not the site. We here at Z Troopers honor those who have served, past and present. I try to make Z-Troopers as apolitical as possible but some political undertones may be present. If this is an issue for you, leave...

About The Other Guy

I'd be that Gary Jones talked about previously. Yes, I am awesome. Do not deny it, for you know this to be true. I am a web programmer with about one year of experience so far. I'm not good at design quite yet, so all kudos to Linna! I haven't been doing this for long, but have been in love with Linna's comics since her doodles in 7th grade science (Mr. Green is an ass!). Back then it would mainly be us as Dragon Ball Z characters, but still, amazing stuff!

I am an aspiring musician and writer, so I write...a lot. As soon as I get my own site I'll have the link here. Then you can really learn about me. I don't want to take up too much precious space on this amazing site. Less me = more comics! (Not really but it will get me to shut up... Go along with it!)