Private First Class John “Spooky” Berry

Age: 23
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 165lbs
Blood Type: No, no, no... I'm not giving you my DNA without a warrant.

Private Berry is the squad's communications specialist and local pervert. He's currently going to college to become a Telemetry engineer and works at the campus Starbucks. He has a 17 year-old girl friend who he met through Myspace. When he's not doing Army things he can be found on said website posting annoying "Pic comments for pic comments", "Let's play Vampires", and glitter graphics. When he's not picking up of 13-17 year-olds he Twitters mundane things he's doing such as "I'm pooping right now" or "I'm eating biscuits right now", or the ever so popular "I'm hanging out on Twitter right now" and Hashtags everything he posts on Facebook. In his civilian life he is also a telemarketer, you know, the one who calls you at dinner asking you to renew you warranty on the car that you don't even own and when you tell them that they hang up on you because it's a scam. He was stationed at Echo Company when he got caught too many times talking to girls on his radio. Never the less, he's an absolute expert with computers and telemetry.

Fun Facts:

  • He loves to wear those sunglasses with the lines through them because he’s a complete douche.

  • Pops his collars on his American Eagle shirts cause he’s a complete douche.

  • Loves to play ultimate Frisbee, listen to Dane Cook, and watches Family Guy because he’s a complete douche.

  • Originally cast by J Newman