Captains Mike Collins & Jon Sommer

Age: 25 & 25
Height: Woah dude, that's personal....
Weight: Fist pound!
Blood Type: FourLoko

Fun Facts:

Air Force Captains Collins and Sommer aren't your typical piloting duo. While others study hard and perfect their craft, Sommer and Collins are busy smashing empty FourLoko cans on their foreheads and eating Sonic whenever possible. Despite their mental short comings, these "bros" are naturals at what they do, much to the annoyance of their peers. This duo loves their jobs and life, living by the motto: "Life is a Garden, Dig it bro, don't be a faggot".

  • Favorite FourLoko flavor: Grapalicious Grape, Sommer; Chocolate Thunder Cherry, Collins.

  • Loves Call of Duty Blackops, and bought an xbox just to play that game and Madden NFL. Enjoys to call those who don't wish to play the same repeatative games "faggots". Pros and T-bagging.
  • Once played in a band called "Pages of Tragedy" and "Nothing Sacred", both of which were Journey cover bands. Were bought out by Glee.

  • Created just for Jon Collins and Mike Sommer