Corporal Greg Lansky

Age: 25
Height: They stack shit that high?
Weight: 180.5 1/3 lbs
Blood Type: ABO Neg???

Lansky is the squad's Demolitions Expert. It's a fact that Lansky is a dick. A male-chauvinistic, arrogant, self-centered dick. When he was born he punched his own mother in the face. Women are worthless to him, and in fact, if it weren't for the fact that Lt. Cox is possibly a man, he wouldn't take orders from her. After being in Echo Company he starts to show a general respect for the "El Tee", which is more than he's shown any other woman... ever.

He joined the regular Army at the age of 17, after lying about his age, and became an infantry man. He states that his whole purpose in life is to kill things, reload, and kill more things. While serving over seas in the Global War on Terror he lost his eye when a grenade went off, and in running away from the blast, ran into a tree branch. The Army wanted to discharged him but he threaten to sue. They compromised by sending him to Echo Company to train soldiers in Squad tactics. His is said to be ready for his promotion to Sergeant after successful completion of this mission.

Fun Facts:

  • Part Korean

  • Said to keep spare ammo in his empty eye socket.

  • Was rumored to have a robot eye underneath that patch.

  • The squad secretly calls him "Mad Eye Moody" behind his back.

  • In his spare time he loves to read leather bound books.

  • Hates that sticky feeling that you get on the back of your knee.

  • Originally cast by: Mike Tripa.