Specialist Raul Rodriguez

Age: 24
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 176lbs with hair, 167 without hair...
Blood Type: Delicious

Rodriguez is in charge of the squad's supplies and food. He was born in Okinawa Japan while his parents were stationed there. As a child he ran the streets of Tokyo, learning stealth and grace. During his teen years his parents were stationed in Italy where he developed a love for fine cooking. After failing the Olive Garden Culinary Arts program from drinking too much of the dinner wine, he enlisted in the National Reserve Guard to get money to support his own bakery. He acts as the squad's spiritual guidance and guru. He's Buddhist and trained to fight with a katana. He was sent to Echo Company due to the fact that he is a conscientious objector, despite being trained to be an assassin as a child in Japan. His best friend is Herbert Vasquez, who many think are brothers.

Fun Facts:

  • Once at a 20 by 20 at Inn & Out Burger by himself.

  • Favorite lunch meat is bologna.

  • Stores grenades and other supplies in his hair. Once found a nest of blue jays chillin' in there as well.

  • Telepathically communicates with his squad mate, Vasquez.

  • Originally cast by: Marc Hughley.