Specialist Hebert Vasquez

Age: 24
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 190lbs
Blood Type: A Neg.

Hubert Vasquez is the squad's sniper. He grew up in Yosemite California where his parents were Park Rangers. He learned to be a great sniper after being employed by Yosemite to keep the squirrel population down by picking them off with his 22; this is where he got the nickname "The Black Annie Oakley". Years of roaming the forest has given him ultimate stealth and Parkour training, so much so that it rivals his friend Rodriguez.

He joined the National Reserve Army while in community college because his family is super patriotic. He got expert marksman in basic training in every weapon he was tested on. His military career was cut short when it was discovered that he had no legs. He was sent to Echo Company because of his sniping assets. He is often of the receiving end of unwanted sexual advances by Lt. Cox, despite the fact that everyone thinks she likes women.

Fun Facts:

  • Is said to be the perfect sniper because he has natural camouflage.

  • Was born without legs, but that hasn't stopped him from being extremely good at Parkour.

  • His prosthetic legs are made from graphite.

  • Shares a telepathic connection with Rodriguez.

  • Originally cast by: Jamal Hughes.