Sgt. Luke Winters

Age: 25
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 180lbs
Blood Type: AB Pos.

Winters is the medic of the group and the main protagonist. Luke was born in a small farming town in where he was destined for a life of milking cows and shoveling shit. A brave but timid man, Luke enlisted in the Army right out of high school in hopes to get out of his farming fate. He went through medic school receiving very high marks, but found himself permanently stationed state side when it was discovered that he has afraid of touching others blood.

His great knowledge of emergency medicine made him a great asset to the Army, so they decided to make him an instructor rather than discharge him. He was later sent to Echo Company to be their medic, due to the fact that they needed a medic but would most likely not see any form of combat. He's a favorite of the men, and people follow him despite the fact that he's not a total bad ass. Winters met Lt. Cox there and has been her right hand man ever since. He has a devote loyalty to the "El Tee", and will take a bullet for her. There is a bit of a sexual tension between the two, which appears to be only directed towards Cox, but not the other way around. He and Cox are the only active duty soldiers in the squad.

Fun Facts:

  • Winters was named after "Luke Skywalker" due to the fact that the actor originally set to play Winters is a huge Star Wars fan and to give him the "Golden Boy" vibe.

  • His last name stems from the great WWII Easy Company Officer, Major Richard "Dick" Winters.

  • Doesn't swear, smoke, or drink... ever...

  • Loves video games.

  • Is terrified of women.

  • Originally cast by: Zack Newman